Lash Lounge

Every woman has a ritual for achieving her very own set of perfect eyelashes. A little mascara here, some pinching curlers there, even the occasional stick on falsie. Now, thanks to celebrities such as Rita Ora, lashes have become fashionably desirable. Whether you are looking for glamorous or natural and youthful, we can help you achieve a brighter younger look.

Eyelashes are gently lifted onto a silicon shield and permed from the roots, creating a stunning lifted and lengthening effect which lasts for 8-12 weeks. A patch test is required 48 hours before each treatment.

*Patch test required before the initial treatment.

A daily conditioning lotion which will help your own lashes to grow longer and thicker and appear more bold and beautiful. Available to purchase from the salon, one tube should last 6 months.

Brow Bar

Every woman, whatever her age, can enhance her face by framing it properly with her eyebrows. We have a range of treatments from which you can choose to suit you.

A fifteen-minute tidy up with hot wax to remove stray hairs.

Enhancing your natural eyebrow shape, brows are tidied, shaped.

*Patch test required.

*Patch test required

Combined with a little hot wax to define the shape of your brows.

High Definition Brows

The leading treatment for well groomed brows. The High Definition Brow treatment defines your natural beauty through a revolutionary 7-step procedure. Our fully trained stylists will help you personalise your own look to be as defined or natural as you desire and show you how to make your brows look great every day at home.

*Patch test required.

*Patch test required

An express treatment (with no tinting) helps to keep your brows looking groomed in between High Definition Master appointments.