Semi-Permanent Make Up

Welcome to the world of Semi-Permanent Makeup…
Semi-Permanent makeup is a cosmetic form of tattooing. Using computerised technology, pharmaceutical grade pigments are ‘tattooed’ into the upper dermis of the skin to define eyes and brows. Everyone can benefit from permanent makeup as it looks as natural and attractive as conventional cosmetics.

What features can you improve? I can give you beautiful eyebrows and lashes

Eyebrow Contours
So many of us have over plucked our eyebrows and resorted to pencils or eyebrow tinting. However, now you can have a natural looking brow designed to bring back your youthful look.

Eyeliner Procedure
Permanent eyeliner makeup will open up your eyes, define and thicken your lashes all day, every day. Make sure it’s eyes that are met across a crowded room!

How long does it last for?
You should consider it to be permanent, however over time the colour will fade as the skin rejuvenates. That is why I recommend you have the colour boosted every 12-18 months to keep the look complete and fresh.

Does it hurt?
There’s nothing to worry about on that score. Some clients have likened the sensation to having their eyebrows plucked. A simple cream will help if you do feel any discomfort.

Can I still wear conventional makeup?
Yes, permanent makeup is designed to enhance your natural features but you still have the option of applying conventional makeup to temporarily change your look.

All eyeliners include a lash definer.

Results of correctional procedures cannot be guaranteed as they are experimental in nature and the success relies on the nature of the original application. Multiple treatments are often required.

All treatments except maintenance and correctional include a free second application between 1-3 months. This is not always necessary, but may be required if the colour does not initially heal evenly.

A patch test is required prior to treatment.

‘Making the choice to have permanent make up on my very thinning eye brows was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They look fabulous! – with or without and other make up, I now feel great, and it has taken years off my appearance.’